Turkeynator Dark Meat Social Media Event


It's mankinds final helping, and we're about to get our just desserts! All hope isn't lost yet, if you join the resistance against the Gobblenet in mankinds last stand before the oncoming Fowlpocalypse! With EVGA and Intel's Turkeynator: Dark Meat Social Media Event, you can fight your way into the heart of the Poultry Overmind before they get nestled in and reap some awesome prizes! There are many ways to enter and the more you enter, the better your chances to win!

Turkeynator Dark Meat Social Media Event将在2019年11月14日开始,并将在2019年11月28日结束。 看看你得奖了! 我们将于2019年12月5日公布得奖者。



1x Bundle 1
1x Bundle 2
EVGA Turkeynator Social Media Event

How to enter:

  1. Sign Into Gleam
  2. Choose from the options to enter


由于可能有多名进入者拥有相同的姓氏,EVGA将在发布后 24 小时内单独与得奖者联系。