So Fresh So Clean Social Media Event


It's that time of year again, where we look around us and realize: it's time to clean this place up! Don't run away yet, because EVGA is here to help you get out that old hardware, and replace it with fresh, clean, and new gear! Let's pull together and sort this room out, with EVGA and Intel's So Fresh, So Clean Social Media Event. Extra careful cleaners can be rewarded with a chance to win some awesome prizes! There are many ways to enter and the more you enter, the better your chances to win!

So Fresh So Clean Social Media Event将在2020年4月13日开始,并将在2020年4月27日结束。 看看你得奖了! 我们将于2020年4月30日公布得奖者。



1x Bundle 1
1x Bundle 2

How to enter:

  1. Sign Into PLAYR
  2. Choose from the options to enter


由于可能有多名进入者拥有相同的姓氏,EVGA将在发布后 24 小时内单独与得奖者联系。